BMF has been active in the metal finishing and Surface treatment industry ever since 1988. As a pioneers in Electro platers in South India. Our capacity for the length of Zinc is 20 feet & Nickle palting is 8 ft, while for anodising is 16ft. Below is the list of the plating, finishing and other services run regularly.

1) Zinc is often preferred for coating iron and steel parts when protection from either atmospheric or indoor corrosion is the primary objective.
2) Given a chromate conversion coating offers better corrosion protection at much lower cost.
3) We have facility of barrel & vat plating.
4) As per ROHS norms all type of passivations are available.
5) Automation Line of VAT & BARREL is Available.
1) The use of zinc alloys provides several advantages.
2) Available alloys are zinc-iron, zinc-cobalt, zinc-nickel, and tin-zinc.
3) Trivalent chromating post-treatments are used to improve the overall corrosion resistance.
3) Nano particle Passivations & Selants to improve the corrosion resistance further more is available.
1) Advantages of this alloy are good weldability and ductility.
2) A special feature of this alloy is its suitability for deep black chromating.
Zinc-Cobalt Plating
1) Zinc-cobalt alloys plating gives improved abrasion resistance and corrosion protection.
2) These coatings may be suitable for use in sulfur containing corrosive environments
3) Available chromates are clear, yellow, iridescent and black.
Zinc-Nickel Plating
1) These alloy platings suitable for automotive applications such as fasteners, brake and fuel lines.
2) Zinc Nickel Plating gives high heat resistance.
3) Substitute For Cadmium coating.
4) Give More Corrosive resistance.
Alkaline Noncyanide Zinc Plating
1) Alkaline noncyanide baths are a logical development in the effort to produce a relatively nontoxic, cyanide-free zinc electrolyte.
Acid Zinc Plating
1) Minimal hydrogen embrittlement is produced than in other zinc baths.
2) More Lucarative Finish.
Tin Plating
1) Tin provides excellent solderability, ductility.
2) Tin provides corrosion and tarnish resistance.
3) Engineering properties can be enhanced.
4) A tin deposit provides sacrificial protection to copper, nickel, and many other nonferrous metals and alloys.
Electro less nickel
1) Electro less nickel is an engineering coating.
2) Electro less nickel coatings applied on aluminum to provide a solderable surface.
3) Molds and dies to improve lubricity and part release.
4) Good corrosion and wear resistance.
5) Excellent uniformity.
6) Automation Line is available.
7) Facility To process 500 KG weight component.
Nickel Plating
1) The Nickel Plating Process is used extensively for decorative, engineering.
2) Barrel & Vat facility is available.
1) Decorative and functional applications.
2) Engineering and Electrical / electronics applications.
Zinc with Trivalent Black
Zinc Cobalt with Trivalent Yellow
Zinc Cobalt with Trivalent Yellow
Electroless Nickel-HP
Electro Polishing
Electro Polishing
Zinc With Trivalent Yellow
Zinc With Trivalent Blue
Zinc Nickel with Trivalent Blue
Zinc Nickel with Trivalent Yellow
Electroless Nickel


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